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Risk Free Bet - World Cup

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This week on Confidential Test rides an elephant and Brock Lesnar referees what looks to be a football game. Gene goes on and on about how the WWE is an international company, which leads us into Test's experiences in India a couple of weeks ago. Test starts by talking about how great the people were there. The Indians literally MARK OUT for Test, something that I don't think one American would do. Some newspaper has a picture of him on the second page. That must be a worldwide first. Test sees some monkey on the street and takes a picture with it. He sort of freaks out when it jumps on his shoulder. Some bum puts the monkey in a costume and makes it dance like a ballerina. Seriously, the WWF should stop worrying about the WWE and liberate those monkeys in India. Test says that visiting the Taj Mahal was one of the greatest things he ever did. Well, this is Test we are talking about, so I would imagine that is a possibility. Now we see the slums of India and the horrid traffic that the

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