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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 23 Sakura meets Clow Reed

Eroile stands above Sakura, Synoran, Kero and Tomoyo, and reveals the truth at last: He is the reincarnation of Clow Reed himself! He then casts a spell that eclipses both the sun and the moon. This puts those not entuned with magical power to sleep. As Yue and Toya race to the shrine, Toya collapses, with no power to call his own any more, the spell is able to affect him also. Eroile then challenges Sakura to use her abilities to break his spell of Darkness or everyone will sleep forever! With Kero and Yue being kept busy by Spinal Sun and Ruby Moon, Sakura knows she is vulnerable, so she strikes quickly. She uses the shield card to protect Synoran and Tomoyo and uses the jump card to get closer to Elrole, but the sorcerer summons a fire spell to drive her back, Skaura falls backwards, Synoran uses wind magic to catch her, but in doing so, drains himself of all his remaining strength. After further battle, and more card changing, Sakura realises that only the power of light can shatte

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