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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 22 Sakura and the Past and Clow Reed

Sakura uses the Return card with the help of the cherry blossom tree at the temple. In the past she first sees Keroberos and Yue talking. Kerobers says hes concerned about the cherry blossom tree because its already spring and it hasn't blossomed. Clow Reed sees Sakura then walks over to the 2. He uses the flower card to help the tree. The images fade and Sakura passes out. (Return is a time card and requires alot of energy to use. Sakura wakes up and finds herself leaning against a sleeping Keroberos. Clow Reed said he let her rest so her energy could return. He says he knows she's from the future. She tells him that strange things are happening in the future and they sences his magic. The scene changes and Sakura is runnig down a hall in Clow's house. She runs past a room but doubles back to see. This time she can only watch, for the Return cards power is running out. Yue and Keroberos seem upset. Clow Reed has told them that he is going to die. Both guardians are upset at this.

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