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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 12 Sakura and Double Trouble

The gang investigate the park, but it starts raining. THey all go home. Ruby Moon asks if Eriol's going to do something. At Sakuras house Keroberos starts to transform. Sakura asks Yue to get out of the rain, for he'll catch cold. Yue says he doesn't catch colds. Keroberos says he cant transform. Yue tries but cant either. Sakura goes and opens her window. Keroberos can't fit, till Yue tells him to fold up his wings. They try thinking. Keroberos gets real upset and stats yelling. Touya opens her door to see wats going on. Sakura tells him shes practicing a speech. Sakura offers her bed to Yue. He says hes fine near the window. Keroberos asks why she didn't offer him. The next morning Keroberos trys to transform again but is unsuccessful. Sakura says that there are chores to do, and tells Keroberos he has to help. He gets upset and says its like it was with Clow. Sakura starts to bake things and Keroberos trys to throw a bag of flour at her, but gets it all over himself.

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