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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 8 Sakura and the Calendar of Memories

Sakura finds her father staring at an old calendar. She learns that the calendar once belonged to her mother, Nadeshiko. Her father then tells Sakura that she can have the calendar when she asks for it. Sakura discovers her family's birthdays have been written on it, she takes it with her to school. She shows the calendar to Touya, who flashes back to when he once played the Organ with his mother sitting next to him, listening happily as Toya played a song that she had written. The flooding memories compel Touya to play the same music he once performed for his mother on a nearby piano. When Touya stops playing, he finds that Yukito had been listening the whole time! Touya attempts to tell Yukito how he feels about him, but Nakura interrupts them. Sakura finds out her great grandfather's birthday [also etched on the calendar] is today, and tells her father. But Sakura finds out her great grandfather has never forgiven her father for ""taking"" Nadeshiko away, or for allowing death to take

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