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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 7 Sakura and the Panic Bicycle

Sakura begins feeling very tired whilst sweeping outside her house, she trys to wake up by sweeping faster, but it fails to accomplish anything. Eroile stops by the house, whilst coming back from shopping, and tells Sakura she's a really hard worker. He volunteers to help her, Sakura welcomes the help, unaware that Eriole has a secret agenda... Eriole asks if he could move Sakura's brother's bike out of the front yard, Sakura agrees, but Eriole empowers the bike with magic. Before Eriole leaves, Sakura introduces him to her father. As he departs, Eriole tells Sakura ""It's going to get tough tonight"" Sakura, unsure of what those words mean, goes in for dinner. Later, She later tells Kero of her constant exhaustion, Kero explians that her use of the Sakura Cards has slowly drained her, albiet temporarily. Sakura opened the Sakura book, and the cards inside seem to replenish her a little. Sakura then noticed that the cards looked.. strange.. They were no longer warm to the touch , nor w

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