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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 5 Sakura and the Big Stuffed Doll

The episode begins with Sakura putting the finishing touches on her bear, after that's done she lets out a yell of joy. She sits down again and reaches into her bag, she pulls out a notepad and a pencil and begins to write to Ms. Mizuki. As she thinks about wheather or not something going to happen later on she pulls out some Clow Cards. Suddenly Eriol shows up, startled Sakura hastily puts the clow cards back into her bag and invites Eriol to sit down with her. Eriol notices her bear and askes about it, embaressed she is reluctant to show him but finally she does after asking Eriol to promise not to laugh. Eriol tells her that the ears need to be sa bit more smaller and they need to go up a bit more higher, and says that he'll help her out. On the otherside of the school Chiharu is giving HER home made bear to Yamazaki, after recieving it he gives it a fuuny name, the japanese term for 'rice cake'. and he startes telling her another lie about how rice cakes were made so big it took a

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