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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 4 Sakura and Shaoran and the Invisible Threads

Sakura and Kero wake up at the same time, and they have a short conversation. Then she goes off to school, On her way she stops in front of toya''s scholl and watches the soccer teame play. After Toya's team makes a goal, who should come out of nowhere and leap onto Toya's back but Naruku. Toya yells at her to get off him. At school Tomoyo and Sakura are both talking about the newly arrived piano and how glad the music teacher is. They jion they're freinds who are having a little pinic. Rika pulls out a cute teddy bear and everyone exclaimes over it. Li is watching from a nearby branch up in a tree, suddenly Eriol appears and asks him if he has offened Li in anyway. Then He says Li's full name. Somewthing happens to him, his eyes suddenly go blank and he starts to fall off the branch, eriol catches him. A minute Later, Li wakes up, leaps out of Eriols arms then dashes off. After school Skakura is told that rika won't be anle to go with her to the Crafts Store becuase she has something

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