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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 5 Sakura and the Sakura in the Dream

Sakura, Tomoyo, Meilin and Syaoran head into town for a day of fun. The four are not alone in their venture as the Dream, in the form of a butterfly, tags along. When the group enters Tokyo Tower to see an exhibit there, Sakura falls under the Dream's spell. At first, the vision that the Dream presents to Sakura is comical. Later, the Dream takes a more serious tone by expanding upon Sakura's reoccurring dreams concerning the Clow guardians' Final Judgment. Sakura becomes frightened of the images of this future, however, the Dream flashes clips from Sakura's past to remind Sakura of all the obstacles that she has overcome. Outside of Sakura's dream, Syaoran realizes that something is wrong and uses the Time card to freeze the Dream card. Snapped out of the Dream's spell, Sakura is able to successfully capture the Dream card. However, as it was Syaoran that stopped the card's effects, the Dream card belongs to Syaoran.

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