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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 4 Sakura's Dizzy Fever Day

Sakura has a fever, but goes to school anyway because of a group project. Later, Sakura gets dizzy and is sent home with Toya by the nurse. Toya stays home to watch over her. When Toya is making food for her, Sakura senses a Clow Card, and it turns out to be the Cloud card. Sakura uses the Mirror card to make a clone of herself, so Toya will not notice that she is gone. Sakura, using the Fly card so she can capture the Cloud card. Toya comes in Sakura's room with food and offers it to Sakura's clone. Sakura travels toward the Cloud card, but when she is blown off her staff, Syaoran saves her with a wind spell. Sakura learns that Syaoran and Meilin are going after the Cloud card as well. Back in Sakura's room, Sakura's clone asks for the medicine and Toya replies that she should not take medicine when she is not sick, because she is not Sakura. Toya asks the Mirror card to hide the fact that he has a vague idea of what Sakura is doing and the Mirror card agrees. Back outside, Syaoran hits the Cloud card with various spells and gets it to its original form and Sakura seals it. The card is Syaoran's, but he gives it to Sakura. Sakura returns to her room and falls asleep in her bed. Nadeshiko appears and heals Sakura. She tells Toya that she was a bit worried and then tells Sakura to do her best, before disappearing. Sakura's father appears saying that he was worried about Sakura because she was acting strange this morning, and Toya tells him his hunch was right and that mother appeared. The next morning, Sakura is as cheerful as ever, and her father is home helping make breakfast. Sakura thanks her mother for staying by her side.

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