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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 1 Sakura and the Snowy New School Year

A new trimester starts and Sakura is now a fifth grader. She walks to school with Yukito, who gives Sakura a watch as a late birthday and start of fifth grade present. Sakura's new homeroom teacher turns out to be Ms. Mizuki. Sakura looks out the window and thinks she sees cherry blossoms, but realizes it is snow. Later, the snow is piling very quickly, even though it is April. It turns out to be the doings of a Clow Card. Sakura with Tomoyo look down at the snow-covered city to find the card with the Fly card. They stop at the big penguin at Penguin Park where Syaoran and Meilin appear. Syaoran tells the group that it is the doings of the Snow card. Suddenly, a blizzard surrounds them and it appears to be following people with magical powers. Sakura tries to use the Fly card to get herself, Kero, and Syaoran away from the blizzard. Syaoran uses a fire spell to try to stop the blizzard from following them, but it just becomes more furious. In the middle of the flight, Sakura realizes the watch she got from Yukito is gone. Sakura gets angry and releases the power of Firey to burn all the snow and captures the Snow card. Even though Sakura caught a card, she cries because she lost Yukito's present to her. Kero leaves Sakura and Syaoran to get Meilin and Tomoyo. Ms. Mizuki appears and gives Sakura the watch she lost and Sakura thanks her, while Syaoran glares at Ms. Mizuki.

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