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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 30 Sakura and the Injured Card

When an attempt at capturing the Dash card doesn't go so well, Sakura's upperclassman Rei, a girl from the track club, finds it and takes it home. After the Dash enchants Rei to become faster as thanks for her kindness, Sakura has a hard time capturing because she feels bad, but Syaoran doesn't and one day he finds and lures it to the woods. After Kero and Syaoran tell her that it'd be worse if Rei won her races through "cheating", Sakura then captures it. But it goes to Syaoran, since he weakened it. During an upcoming tournament, Rei is sad upon the loss of her friend, but Syaoran casts an illusion of the Dash card at the race fields; encouraged, Rei wins without the power of magic.

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