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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 26 Sakura and the Wonderful Teacher

A beautiful woman caught Sakura as she was rushing on her skates. The woman turned out to be our new substitute math teacher, Ms. Mizuki. Sakura seemed to be distracted by her beauty, and Xiaolang warned us that he sensed something about her. Later that day, Sakura and I went to Tsukimine Shrine so she could get a charm that grants romantic wishes. At the shrine, we ran into Xiaolang and Meiling, who also wanted to get a charm, and then we were suddenly trapped in a giant maze! We tried to find our way out, but none of our tactics worked. Then, Ms. Mizuki showed up and used a mysterious bell to break down the walls until we found the exit! After that, Sakura was able to seal the card away, and Ms. Mizuki gave Sakura and Meiling the charms they had come for.

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