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Watch Cardcaptor Sakura online: Episode 17 Sakura's Scary Courage Test

Sakura and her class is on a trip to the beach for a few days. On the first night, Naoko tells one of her scary story causing Sakura to flee to the teacher's lodging, but she is found by Syaoran who senses something in a cave nearby. Together at the beach, the two have their first civil conversation where Syaoran tells Sakura about Wei, a person he lives with. A test of courage is held the next night where the students must enter the cave and place a candle next to the shrine inside. But once inside, Sakura's friends begin to disappear. Syaoran, the only one left, forbids Sakura from panicking and walks her through the process of capturing the Erase card even while he's starting to fade away. Syaoran refuses the card after Sakura offers to give it to him.

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