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Watch How To Marry A Millionaire online: Episode 28 Loco Goes to Night School

Mike tells Greta Loco met the wealthy millionaire William Sanford the 3rd who has $15 million dollars.Greta asks Mike how did Loco Meet William Sanford the 3rd.Mike tells Greta Loco met him at a fashion show.Loco was modeling bikinis.Loco dates William Sanford The 3rd.Loco tells Mike and Greta she doesn't know what he mentions and thinks she should go to school again and study. Loco goes to night school.William Sanford the 3rd tells Loco he is going out of town though when he gets home he will ask Loco a question.Loco thinks that William Sanford the 3rd is going to ask er to marry him.Albert Wagner is in Love with Loco.Albert Wagner is 5 years younger than Loco.Loco tells him when she is 65 he will be a kid of 60.When Loco tells Albert Wagner that she is in Love with william Sanford the 3rd.Albert Wagner doesn't believe her.Loco tells Albert Wagner she is in Love with Professor Kranz.Albert Tells Professor Kranz Loco is in Love with him.Professor Kranz is in Love With Loco and thinks

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