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Watch How To Marry A Millionaire online: Episode 23 Loco Verses Wall Street

Loco and Greta are at the Wall Street office where Mike works.Loco tells Greta that this is the 1st time she's been to Mike's office.Greta asks Loco what she thought of it? Loco tells Greta Gee,they are certainly busy.She wonders how they have time to play Scrabble? Greta asks Loco what? Loco tells Greta that that's the largest Scrabble board she's ever saw.Greta tells Loco that that's just the stock qoutes and tells Loco put her glasses on.Loco put her glasses on and tells Greta that those must be the foreign stocks.What is it mean in English.Greta tells Loco that they are abrivations.For example CW means Central Western Railroad.Loco laughs and asks Greta is that all there is? She thought the stock market was complicated.What is that company? Greta looks at the sign and tells Loco that is the Exit sign.Loco tells Greta here comes Mike.Mike tells the girls Hi,Kids and tells them she will be right with them.Mike answers the phone.Mike then asks if Loco and Greta are ready for lunch.Loc

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