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Watch How To Marry A Millionaire online: Episode 17 The Maid

A man mentions Hawaii and mentions you could enjoy the sunshine and the surf.Mike asks on a secretary's salary? The man answers there must be ways for a bright pretty girl to get the neccessary loot.Mike tells the man Not ways Mister way...Marry it.The opening credits of ""How To Marry A Millionaire"" and theme music play.At the penthouse,Mike tells Greta she is tired.Greta tells Mike so is she.Greta tells Mike that they should never had gone to the movies tonight with all this house work they have.Mike asks Greta maybe they should get up early in the morning and finish cleaning.Greta tells Mike No,it's to discouraging in the morning,You can see the dirt better.Greta asks What's Loco doing? Mike asks Greta wait a minute who's turn is it doing the dishes.Mike looks at their schedule.Mike mentions it is Tuesday.Mike tells Loco that she hears voices from the kitchen saying we are filthy come wash us.Loco tells Mike that if they are old enough to speak they are old enough to wash themselves.

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