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Watch Mulberry online: Episode 1 Springtime

Miss Farnaby decides to enter a local floral competition and gives Bert the task of bringing one of her favorites flowers, one of her prized hyacinths, into bloom in time for the competition. In the meantime, Mulberry's father appears again and tells Mulberry that his time is up and he must ""take"" Miss Farnaby or else. Mulberry pleads for just another 24 hours. In the meantime, while checking on Miss Farnaby's hyacinth, Mulberry meets his mother, Springtime, urging the lowly flower into bloom in time for the competition. Mulberry asks her to intercede with his father and give him more time with Miss Farnaby. His mother agrees and promises him he will have more time with lady of the manor. When the flower blooms in all it's glory for the competition, no one is more suprised than Bert.

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