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What is The Guardians about?
Following economic collapse, a puppet government takes power and suspends democracy, but this is really a military coup by stealth, and the Prime Minister has little real power, that resides with 'The General'. A new force in the nation, formed from military and police enforce the government's will, 'The Guardians of The Realm', or simply 'The Guardians'. On the face of things, the economic recovery is in hand, but not without some harsh measures, and censorship. In the country, resentment is growing, and resistance movements, every bit as brutal as the oppressors, make their presence felt. Unrepeated since broadcast back in '71 (and never screened in NI), this is quite an offbeat, and IMO often uneven series, that pulls few punches and eschews easy moral positions.

Actors: Gwynneth Powell, David Burke, Lynn Farleigh, Edward Petherbridge, John Collin, Derek Smith, Cyril Luckham

Season 1 of The Guardians

    Episode 2: Pursuit  
    Episode 5: Quarmby  
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