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Eve follows the clue to Wolf Creek Crater where Mick has left her another and more revealing clue - a dog-eared, faded scrapbook containing the horrors of his childhood. Newspaper clippings tell the story of his little sister, who was abducted and murdered, and the man believed responsible who was brutally killed… but Eve can guess who was really to blame for the girl's death. The scrapbook guides Eve to Mick's family farmhouse outside the village of Wolf Creek, derelict, long-abandoned, where just as she anticipates, he lies in wait for her. Sullivan is held captive there, still alive but only just. Confounding Mick, the Territory policeman uses his last reserves of strength to take the killer by surprise, giving Eve the upper hand. Employing the skills Uncle Paddy taught her she spears Mick through the gut, pinning him to a stone chimney. She delivers the coupe de grace by dousing the homestead with petrol and lighting a match. Eve's lover Sullivan dies in her arms, but she is finally free. Her quest is over. Her demon has been vanquished, consumed by the flames… … Or has he?

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