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What is Olympus about?
In the midst of a war between the ancient Athenians and Minoans, the mercenary Hero tries to solve the mystery of his origin and the riddle of the Lexicon within him, with the help of the Oracle of Gaia and the genius inventor Daedalus.

Actors: Tom York as Hero, Sonya Cassidy as Oracle of Gaia, Sonita Henry as Queen Medea, Matt Frewer as Daedalus, Wayne Burns as Prince Lykos, Cas Anvar as Priest Xerxes, John Emmet Tracy as Lord Pallas, Graham Shiels as King Aegeus, Alan C. Peterson as King Minos, Sophia Lauchlin Hirt as Princess Ariadne,
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Season 1 of Olympus

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