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What is Ascension about?
A series of suspicious incidents occurring halfway through their hundred-year journey to a new planet causes a crisis for the colonists on a starship that left Earth in 1963.

Actors: Brandon P. Bell as First Officer Aaron Gault, Brian Van Holt as Captain William Denninger, Tricia Helfer as Viondra Denninger, Andrea Roth as Dr. Juliet Bryce, Jacqueline Byers as Nora Bryce, P.J. Boudousque as James Toback, Tiffany Lonsdale as Emily Vanderhaus, Ryan Robbins as Duke Vanderhaus, Ellie O'Brien as Christa Valis, Gil Bellows as Harris Enzmann, Lauren Lee Smith as Samantha Krueger, Mark Camacho as Martin Carillo,
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Season 1 of Ascension

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    Episode : Night One  
    Episode : Night Two  
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