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An eternally-optimistic do-gooder travels the universe on his trusty steed Sylvia, helping folks wherever he can, while battling the forces of evil represented by Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs.

Actors: Jack McBrayer as Wander, April Winchell as Sylvia, Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater, Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers,
Genre: Kids
Season 1 (watch here)
    Episode : The Egg  
    Episode : The Troll  
    Episode : The Box  
    Episode : The Hat  
    Episode : The Ball  
    Episode : The Hero  
    Episode : The Day  
    Episode : The Night  
    Episode : The Void  
    Episode : The Date  
    Episode : The Liar  
    Episode : The Stray  
    Episode : The Funk  
    Episode : The Gift  
Season 2
    Episode : The Axe  
    Episode : The It  
    Episode : The Rager  
    Episode : The Bot  
    Episode : The Rival  
    Episode : The Smile  
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