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Watch Wolfblood online: Episode Desperate Measures

Rhydian, Shannon and Maddy catch Jana breaking into Shannon’s locker. Maddy takes Shannon’s side but Tom overhears Maddy and Rhydian agreeing something must be done about the data on Shannon's computer. Meanwhile, Jimi gives two expensive charity football tickets to Sam and Liam, expecting to be paid back. He has another left over and while the Ks fight over who gets the spare ticket Shannon's computer gets stolen. She is sure it's Jana but Tom says it could be Maddy and Rhydian too. Cameras get stolen from the darkroom and Tom is sure it's payback from Shannon. Everyone assumes the other is guilty until they realise someone else must have stolen the computer and cameras. And they can access Shannon's data! They track the culprit down just in time. It was Sam, looking to sell the items to pay for his ticket which he gives to Kara. Meanwhile, Liam has sold his ticket to Katrina at a profit, hoping to use the money to help buy Jimi's spare ticket. But Jimi has sold that to Kay, and ends up going to the match with all three Ks instead of his mates. Having had such a close shave, Maddy persuades Shannon to delete all her data. She does, but it's like losing a part of herself.

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