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Watch Wolfblood online: Episode Total Eclipse of the Moon

A full moon lunar eclipse is special to a Wolfblood. They turn wolf on the inside, and stay human on the outside with veining and yellow eyes. At school, auditions for the lunar queen are being held, the winner to sing with Averwood, a popular school band, at the village fayre. Overhearing Shannon singing to herself, Maddy signs her up. Shannon gets stage fright and flees the audition, Jana laughing at her, making Rhydian angry. To make amends, Jana gives Shannon a traditional wolfblood remedy to combat nerves. It works! Shannon gets the gig. At the fayre she downs all the remedy instead of a few drops and thinks she's becoming Wolfblood with a heightened sense of smell and hearing! Tom makes her sick to get the potion out of her system. It works but Shannon refuses to sing. Having tricked Emma and Daniel into letting them meet Jana on the moors during the eclipse, Maddy and Rhydian tune into Shannon's distress and all three go to the fayre clad in gloves and sunglasses, where Maddy tells Shannon some harsh home truths. Shannon finally takes the stage, to glorious effect. As the eclipse passes over, Maddy, Rhydian and Jana wolf out nearby and howl with appreciation.

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