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What is Mr. Young about?
A child prodigy, who feels that he missed out on the normal social experience of high school, graduates from college at 14 and goes back to his former school as the science teacher.

Actors: Brendan Meyer as Adam Young, Matreya Fedor as Echo, Gig Morton as Derby, Kurt Ostlund as Jordan "Slab" Slabinski, Emily Tennant as Ivy Young, Milo Shandel as Principal Tater, Anna Galvin as Mrs. Rachel Young,
Genre: Kids

Season 1 of Mr. Young

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    Episode : Mr. Mummy  
    Episode : Mr. Young  
    Episode : Mr. DNA  
    Episode : Mr. Dog  
    Episode : Mr. Brain  
    Episode : Mr. Moth  
    Episode : Mr. Claus  

Season 2 of Mr. Young

    Episode : Mr. TV  
    Episode : Mr. Pixel  
    Episode : Mr. Dance  
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