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What is This Is Jinsy about?

Actors: regulars:, Chris Bran as Sporall, Justin Chubb as Maven, Geoffrey McGivern as Trince, Tim Downie as Jinsy Player, Emma Kennedy as Jinsy Player, Dave Mounfield as Jinsy Player, David Hatton as Tracee Henge, Janine Duvitski as Mrs. Goadion, Alice Lowe as Soosan Noop, Ian Hughes as Jinsy Player,

Season 1 of This Is Jinsy

    Episode : Cupboards  
    Episode : Beardboy  
    Episode : Ool Bat  
    Episode : Nameworm  
    Episode : Vel  
    Episode : Zoop  
    Episode : Kelpman  

Season 2 of This Is Jinsy

    Episode : Acco!  
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