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What is Fairy Tail about?

Genre: Animation

Season 1 of Fairy Tail

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    Episode : Fairy Law  
    Episode : Jellal  
    Episode : Destiny  
    Episode : Home  
    Episode : Fantasia  

Season 2 of Fairy Tail

    Episode : Gildarts  
    Episode : Earthland  
    Episode : Edolas  
    Episode : Fireball  
    Episode : Extalia  
    Episode : Code ETD  
    Episode : Lisanna  

Season 3 of Fairy Tail

    Episode : Mest  
    Episode : Iron Soul  
    Episode : Anti-Link  

Season 4 of Fairy Tail

    Episode : New Guild  
    Episode : Portent  
    Episode : Chariots  

Season 5 of Fairy Tail

    Episode : Our Place  
    Episode : Frog  
    Episode : Gloria  
    Episode : A Gift  
    Episode : Believe  
    Episode : 413 Days  

Season 6 of Fairy Tail

Season 7 of Fairy Tail

    Episode : Treasure  
    Episode : Law  
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