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Watch Cake online: Episode Flopportunity

Lesson: Creativity and Responsibility. Craft: Cake's In-Jean-Ious Jeans. Miracle's fashion sense is hanging by a thread when the principal decrees that her new designer jeans ("stylishly" ripped, torn and filled with holes) don't meet the school's dress code. Miracle spent all of her birthday money on the jeans and doesn't know what to do. (Though, when one pant leg suddenly falls off altogether, she does have to admit that perhaps the principal has a point!) Miracle's dilemma may inspire the craft for the next episode of Cake TV featuring Cake's In-Jean-Ious Jeans, but the question is, will there actually be any more episodes of Cake TV? Maybe not! Because Benjamin, the cable access show's producer/director/cameraman, has been offered a huge opportunity to produce a teen sports show and that means leaving CAKE TV. The girls struggle to hide their disappointment as they wish Benjamin "good luck," and Benjamin struggles to decide if accepting the new opportunity is really the right thing to do.

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