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What is Shameless (UK) about?
An unconventional group of siblings, largely abandoned by their parents, survive by their wits on a rough Manchester council estate.

Actors: Rebecca Ryan as Debbie Gallagher , Elliott Tittensor as Carl Gallagher , David Threlfall as Frank Gallagher , Gerard Kearns as Ian Gallagher , Jody Latham as Philip 'Lip' Gallagher , Dean Lennox Kelly as Kev , Lindsey Dawson as Jez , Jack Deam as Marty Fisher , Marjorie Yates as Carol Fisher , Maggie O'Neill as Sheila Jackson ,

Season 1 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Abduction  
    Episode : Affairs  
    Episode : Dead (2)  

Season 2 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Grandad  
    Episode : Eric  
    Episode : True Love  

Season 3 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Liamday  
    Episode : Baby  
    Episode : Old Flame  

Season 4 of Shameless (UK)

Season 5 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Twin  
    Episode : Assault  

Season 6 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : All Rise  
    Episode : Damaged  
    Episode : Powerless  
    Episode : It's Over  

Season 7 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Gunshot  
    Episode : Toyboy  
    Episode : Reunited  
    Episode : Boxer  
    Episode : Gang Wars  

Season 8 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Missing  
    Episode : Back Home  
    Episode : Takeover  
    Episode : Comebacks  

Season 9 of Shameless (UK)

    Episode : Vendetta  
    Episode : Blackout  

Season 10 of Shameless (UK)

Season 11 of Shameless (UK)

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