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What is Murder in Mind about?

Actors: anthology series:, created by Anthony Horowitz,

Season 1 of Murder in Mind

    Episode : Teacher  
    Episode : Flame  
    Episode : Motive  
    Episode : Mercy  
    Episode : Vigilante  
    Episode : Sleeper  

Season 2 of Murder in Mind

    Episode : Passion  
    Episode : Disposal  
    Episode : Rage  
    Episode : Swan Song  
    Episode : Flashback  
    Episode : Victim  
    Episode : Memories  
    Episode : Regrets  

Season 3 of Murder in Mind

    Episode : Echoes  
    Episode : Favours  
    Episode : Stalkers  
    Episode : Suicide  
    Episode : Contract  
    Episode : Landlord  
    Episode : Justice  
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