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Actors: Haydn Gwynne as Supt. Susan Blake, John McArdle as Insp. Jim Oulton, Jonathan Kerrigan as PC Steve Traynor, Chris Walker as PC Larry Barton, Michelle Holmes as Sgt. Connie Harper, Joanna Taylor as PC Jackie Brown [ 2-4 ], Josie D'Arby as PC Jodie Finn [ 2-4 ], Leslie Ash as Insp. Charlie Eden [ 3-4 ], David Hargreaves as Sgt. Bill Gentle, Eileen O'Brien as Maddie Wright, Paul Bown as Dr. Al Blake, Julia Howarth as Jenny Oulton, Kathy Jamieson as Dawn Oulton,
Season 1
    Episode : Deep End  
    Episode : Dead Time  
Season 2
    Episode : Ghosts  
    Episode : Endgame  
Season 3
Season 4
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