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Actors: Pam Ferris as Peggy Snow, Sarah Lancashire as Ruth Goddard, Maggie Wells as Patricia Illingworth, Thomas Craig as Simon Goddard, Tony Haygarth as Vic Snow, William Ash as Stephen Snow, Jessica Baglow as Lucy Snow, Andrew Knott as Henry Green, Laura Crossley as Deborah Allis, Graham Turner as Walter Charlton, Arnie Hema as Kenny, William Travis as Dick Lampard, Simon Ashley as Terry, Liam Shannon as Dr. Daniel Leeming, Alison Swann as Lisa Trafford, Ken Bradshaw as Andy Moore,
Season 1
    Episode : Dream  
Season 2
    Episode : Fresh  
    Episode : Ice Pops  
    Episode : Love  
Season 3
    Episode : Moving On  
    Episode : Home  
    Episode : Runaway  
    Episode : Union  
Season 4
    Episode : Legacy  
    Episode : The Field  
Season 5
    Episode : Happiness  
    Episode : Runaways  
    Episode : Sanctuary  
    Episode : Choices  
    Episode : Faith  
    Episode : Damage  
    Episode : The Team  
Season 6
    Episode : Trust  
Season 7
    Episode : My Way  
Season 8
    Episode : Skin Deep  
Season 9
    Episode : Care  
    Episode : Together  
    Episode : Legacy  
    Episode : So Long  
Season 10
    Episode : RSVP  
    Episode : Closure  
    Episode : Archangel  
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