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Watch Superboy online: Episode Little Hercules

Clark and TJ visit a young high school genius named Billy Hercules who has been offered a scholarship by Shuster University. Clark befriends the boy, with whom he can relate as both are different and out of place. After a field trip to a naval base, Billy breaks into the advanced computer system of a new navy submarine to impress a girl he likes, and this activates a self-destruct mechanism that will go off in 30 minutes. Only Billy knows the codes to get access to the computer and stop the submarine from exploding. Superboy flies him to the submarine, and Billy gets started. Meanwhile, Superboy begins burning a hole through a six-foot thick door, that is locked tight and armed with explosives, in order to get access to the missiles to deactivate them. Luckily, with seconds to spare, Billy disarms the security door and Superboy is able to break through and deactivate the missiles. Billy is returned home and in the end, gets the girl after all.

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