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Actors: Cam Clarke as the voice of Leonardo / Rocksteady, Rob Paulsen as the voice of Raphael, Barry Gordon as the voice of Donatello / Bebop, Townsend Coleman as the voice of Michaelangelo, Renae Jacobs as the voice of April O'Neil, Pete Renaday as the voice of Splinter (formerly Hamoto Yoshi), James Avery as the voice of Shredder (formerly Oroku Saki), Pat Fraley as the voice of Krang, Jennifer Darling as the voice of Irma,
Season 1
    Episode : Nano  
    Episode : The King  
    Episode : Metalhead  
    Episode : TCRI  
Season 2
    Episode : Plan 10  
Season 3
    Episode : Hunted  
    Episode : H.A.T.E  
    Episode : New Blood  
Season 4
    Episode : Bad Day  
    Episode : Outbreak  
Season 5
Season 6
    Episode : Obsolete  
    Episode : Bad Blood  
    Episode : Milk Run  
Season 7
    Episode : Artless  
    Episode : TMNT  
Season 8
Season 9
    Episode : Doomquest  
Season 10
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