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What is Starsky and Hutch about?

Actors: regulars:, Paul Michael Glaser as Det. Sgt. Dave Starsky, David Soul as Det. Sgt. Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson, Bernie Hamilton as Capt. Harold Dobey, Antonio Fargas as "Huggy Bear" Brown,

Season 1 of Starsky and Hutch

    Episode : Snowstorm  
    Episode : The Fix  
    Episode : Pariah  
    Episode : The Bait  
    Episode : Lady Blue  
    Episode : Shootout  
    Episode : Silence  
    Episode : Jojo  
    Episode : Running  

Season 2 of Starsky and Hutch

    Episode : Gillian  
    Episode : Vampire  
    Episode : Nightmare  
    Episode : Bloodbath  
    Episode : Survival  

Season 3 of Starsky and Hutch

    Episode : The Trap  
    Episode : Foxy Lady  
    Episode : Partners  
    Episode : Deckwatch  

Season 4 of Starsky and Hutch

    Episode : The Game  
    Episode : Blindfold  
    Episode : Moonshine  
    Episode : Dandruff  
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