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Watch BBC Headroom online: Episode 3 Fix My Fat Head

Hannah Jones is a 36-year-old journalist with a razor sharp wit and a lifelong problem: her weight. At 21-stone, Hannah is officially clinically obese; she has tried everything to lose weight, from the egg diet ("abject misery"), to the cabbage soup diet ("torture"), the Atkins diet ("all you can eat, just don't make a sandwich out of it") and the just-eating-cereal-all-day-long diet. All have failed, and Hannah invariably ends up diving headfirst into a vat of carbohydrates and putting on more weight than she lost in the first place. Hannah knows exactly what she needs to do to lose weight: "eat less and exercise more", but what she cannot understand is why she is unable to follow this simple advice. Hannah has come to believe that for her, and millions of overweight people like her, the answer lies inside her head. Is her dysfunctional relationship with food a psychological rather than a physical problem? Does it have its origins in her childhood? With humour and remarkable honesty, Hannah embarks on a six-month journey to find out and to fix her fat head, forever.

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