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Watch BBC Headroom online: Episode 1 Georgia's Story: 33 stone at 15

Georgia is 15 years old and weighs 33 stone. The teenager from South Wales has been told that her life is at risk unless she loses weight. This moving and inspiring documentary follows Georgia on a journey 3,000 miles from her home to the Wellspring Academy in North Carolina, USA, a residential school for obese children, where she has been offered a scholarship. Georgia has been given the chance to change her eating habits forever, as she comes to terms with her addiction to food. The programme is part of BBC Headroom's campaign tackling the psychological issues surrounding eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and obesity. Wellspring Academy provides their students, aged from 12 to 19, with a calorie- and fat-controlled diet, a regime of exercise and the opportunity to explore how their unhealthy relationship with food has developed, through cognitive behavioural therapy. Counsellors talk to students both in group and individual sessions to allow them to discover what has triggered their eating disorder. Georgia, separated from her mum for the first time in her life, goes on a moving journey and makes a determined effort to change the way she looks and feels forever.

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