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When youre a lonely lizard in an unforgiving environment, life can be tough. It can seem the entire world is against you. In the case of Oscar, a rather forlorn desert denizen, it often is. He is beset on all sides. The arid landscape offers little relief, while his fellow inhabitants are anything but neighbourly. The chickens bring a whole new meaning to hen-pecked and attack Oscar with bloodthirsty relish should he stray near them. The mischievous meerkats are no help at all. Then theres the terrible trio Popy, Buck and Harchi who are the bane of Oscars life. Anything he has, they take. Everywhere he goes, they follow. Which is never a good thing when water is so hard to find. More often than not, their blundering persistence trumps Oscars ingenuity. But Oscar is not a quitter. What he may lack in size he makes up for in guts and determination. He never gives up. Hes a glass half-full kind of lizard. Unfortunately for him, in the desert that glass is usually half-full of sand. So get ready for frantic, action-packed adventures through prickly cacti, down dusty roads, and over cliff edges, full of visual charm and memorable characters.

Genre: Animation
Season 1
    Episode 3: Top Gun  
    Episode 20: Junior!  
    Episode 21: Strike!  
    Episode 27: Lost  
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