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What is Single White Spenny about?
Single White Spenny is a coming-of-age series; unfortunately, Spenny is 36 years old! At his recent divorce hearing, Spennys ex-wife accused him of being an immature, emotionally inept man-child who lacked the skills to ever have a functional relationship. Outraged by these accusations, Spenny sets out to prove her wrongwhich is slightly complicated by the fact that she was right. Aiding him in his dating pursuits is his best friend Chelsea, who is relationship-challenged herself. And then theres Spennys self-centred mother, who loves her son to the best of her limited ability. Spenny makes his living inventing novelty gift items his claim to fame was a glossy coffee-table book entitled The Book of Poop. Single White Spenny follows the dating misadventures and the unique universe of its lovable star and co-creator, Spencer Rice (Kenny vs. Spenny), who loosely based the series on his own life.

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Single White Spenny

    Episode 2: Mothers  
    Episode 5: Luke  
    Episode 8: Mancamp  
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