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What is The Upper Floor about?
The Upper Floor was envisioned and founded by CEO Peter Acworth in the model of such erotic novels as Pauline Rage's The Story of O, Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series, and Anne Rice's Exit to Eden and Sleeping Beauty trilogy. The Upper Floor is here to build a community for full-time sexual exploration and fantasy fulfillment. But it is more than just a lifestyle community. The Upper Floor is the very first 24/7 immersive experience of erotic service within a strict hierarchy of authority. Events at are streamed live for the members of the site not only for the pleasure of its participants and viewers, but as proof that the kind of "Secret Society" described in BDSM and D/s erotic literature can and does exist in reality -- but no longer needs to be secret. The lifestyles lived at The Upper Floor are consensual erotic "play" in that they are consented to by all parties and are engaged in for mutual erotic enjoyment, as with all's erotic sites. At The Upper Floor, however, the complex, negotiated social structure is real, rather than the ad-hoc entertainments offered by more casual SM or D/s play.


Season 1 of The Upper Floor

    Episode 9412:   
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