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What is Dorothy the Dinosaur about?
Dorothy is a "rososaurus", a "yellow-spotted herbivorous green dinosaur with surprisingly scary teeth". She lives in a pink and purple house with her own Rosy Orchestra and a rose garden in her backyard. She loves to eat roses and dance the ballet. She enjoys serving guests rose-derived treats such as "rosy tea". Dorothy was part of the band's early stage shows, and was originally played by Cook; she has been played by Leeanne Ashley and Lyn Moran. South Australian Carolyn Ferrie, a trained opera singer and dancer, has provided her voice since 1997, when she worked with Anthony Field on an Irish music Wiggles CD. Ferrie described Dorothy as "a dinosaur superstar ... very open, friendly, and warm. She is like a mother figure even though she is only meant to be five, and kids really respond to her ... She is calm and mothering but friendly as well. She's young and still playful but has got a motherly feeling to her". Ferrie insisted that Dorothy "is number one after the boys including Captain Feathersword, in terms of who kids say they love". Dorothy has a distinctive, charming, trill-like, descending laugh created by Ferrie. In 2007, Dorothy began to star in her own television show in Australia. The show had a distinct look and sound. Whereas The Wiggles' TV shows were "hyper-real and cartoonish" and had a pop sound, Dorothy's show was "really rich and beautiful looking" and based its sound on orchestral music.

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