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What is True Justice about?
Elijah Kane: Leader of the SIU undercover operation. Will punch you, flip you, or twist something you need until it breaks without a strand of his curious hair coming out of place. Radner: Member #1 of Elijah's team. Scruffy, likable bad boy with a nice wit. Nowhere near the fighter that Elijah is though, and possibly the female members of the team. However, he will do whatever it takes to get back at you if you f!!ck with him. Juliet: Member #2 of Elijah's team. Beautiful, long-legged brunette with an interesting dialect I'm still wrestling with. She's experienced, competent, and keeps cool under pressure. It's possible a man might enjoy it if she smacks him around a bit. Mason: Member #3 of Elijah's team. Hardworking, by-the-book guy. Partner of Radner and voice of his conscience. Advisory: Got anything fun and risqu planned don't take him. He takes a bullet well, though. Sarah: Member #4 of Elijah's team. New to the team. Pretty, but serious girl. Not as confident in the field as her partner Juliet but will hit what she shoots at and has no want for courage. Add to this a sharp tongue that's capable of expertly leaving a man sans his testicles if he disrespects her.

Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of True Justice

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    Episode : Toxic E  
    Episode : Yakuza  
    Episode : Payback  

Season 2 of True Justice

    Episode : Dead Drop  
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