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Watch I Love My Tractor the adventures of Massey Ferguson online

Where to watch I Love My Tractor the adventures of Massey Ferguson
On a farm near the small New Zealand town of Kumara Cove lives a lively little red tractor called Massey Ferguson. Every day, Massey and his mates experience new adventures as they try to solve problems on Ferguson Farm. When the farm runs out of water, the magpies become unruly or sheep are stolen, it's Massey who gets things sorted.

Massey's friends include Gracie the farm bike, who in one episode is afraid to go to the mechanic in case she fails her warrant of fitness. Then there's Beaut th'Ute, who worries he might be replaced by a sparkling new four-wheel-drive. Rounding up the pack are Slowmo, a haughty mobility scooter; Rusty, a crusty old car who lives in a shed, a motherly dairy tanker called Mrs Milk and Masey's role model, the older Max Tractor.

Before production began on the ground-breaking series, permission had to be obtained from Massey Ferguson International. The name Massey Ferguson is synonymous with farming in New Zealand, and also with pioneering toughness. Local hero Edmund Hillary even took a Massey Ferguson to the South Pole.

The Adventures of Massey Ferguson was created by Jim Mora (Mucking In) and Brent Chambers, who owns the award-winning production house Flux Animation. Both Mora and Chambers are excited about bringing local animation to New Zealand screens.

"We've tried to be true to farming life, while giving urban children an idea of the life that exists outside New Zealand's cities," Mora explains. "We've also tried to increase their awareness of our amazing environment and the importance of respecting it."

Genre: Children
Season 1
    Episode 2: Fire  
    Episode 6: Ducks  
    Episode 7: Big Dry  
    Episode 9: Hangi  
    Episode 11: Chicks  
    Episode 13: Wedding  
Season 2
    Episode 5: Pukekos  
    Episode 7: Flood  
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