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Watch Hardcover Mysteries online: Episode 1 David Baldacci

In 1964, D.C. socialite Mary Meyer was murdered. At the trial, the revelation of Mary's diary, which detailed an affair with President Kennedy, leads many to conspiracy theories and became the partial basis for Baldacci's best-seller, Absolute Power. While fixing a car alongside Canal Road in Georgetown, Washington DC, mechanic Henry Wiggins hears a cry for help followed by two gun shots. He runs in the direction of the sounds and sees a man standing over a body. Within minutes police seal off the area and capture Ray Crump, a black man who they find soaking wet in the bushes. Crump is identified by Wiggins as the man he saw standing over the body. Crump is taken into custody and police discover the victim is 43 year old socialite and artist Mary Pinchot Meyer. She is well connected in the political world, mingling in Washington's power strata. Unbeknownst to police, Mary has kept a secret diary. She's told friends to safeguard it in the event of her death. Mary's brother in-law, famed Watergate journalist Ben Bradlee, goes looking for the diary only to find CIA head of Counter Intelligence James Angleton also looking for the diary at Mary's house and art studio. When the diary is discovered it reveals that Mary was having an affair with the slain President, John Kennedy. Was Mary the victim of a random act of violence? Or is there a greater conspiracy behind Mary Meyer's murder one that's tied to the CIA and her relationship with President Kennedy?

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