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Caroline Quentin is not the seasoned traveller of many TV travelogues. Unused to life on the road, to sleeping in a different bed every night and being thousands of miles from her family, her journey across India is an eye-opening adventure full of surprises.

Starting in the far north, and working her way over 3500 miles to Indias southernmost tip, Caroline plunges headlong into Indian society; staying with families, learning Indian traditions, meeting locals on and off the tourist trail and travelling on all manner of transport, from sleeper train to the worlds cheapest car.

Taking in breathtaking landscapes such as Kanha National Park or enduring the dense, humid metropolises of Kolcutta and Mumbai, Caroline proves the ideal travel companion; laughing her way along, charming her hosts, whether Bollywood film stars or elephant handlers and gamely trying anything from an opium tea party to camel riding.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
    Episode 1:   
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    Episode 3:   
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