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Series following the first year of wild animals growing up in captivity.

Genre: Documentary
Season 1
    Episode 2: Lion  
    Episode 3: Tiger  
    Episode 4: Elephant  
    Episode 5: Cheetah  
    Episode 6: Wolf  
    Episode 10: Rino  
    Episode 11: Penguin  
    Episode 12: Zebra  
    Episode 13: Baboon  
    Episode 14: Lynx  
    Episode 16: Grizzly  
    Episode 19: Walrus  
    Episode 21: Seal  
    Episode 22: Camel  
    Episode 23: Giraffe  
    Episode 24: Moose  
    Episode 25: Hyena  
    Episode 26: Gorilla  
    Episode 27: Panda  
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