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Watch The Kennedys online: Episode 6 On the Brink of War

During a classical concert in the East Room, Jack tells Jackie he's needed in the Oval Office. Instead, he heads to the White House theatre for a tryst with Mary Meyer, his on-again, off-again lover. Jackie finds out. Furious and humiliated, she leaves with the children. With his marriage in shambles, Jack has to deal with an impending crisis – the Soviet Union has placed nuclear missiles in Cuba. When Jack and his advisors learn that even more weapons are being sent to Cuba, JFK institutes a naval quarantine of the island and tells Khrushchev that any Russian ships that cross the blockade line will be fired upon. An encouraging message from Khrushchev guarantees that no additional missiles will be sent to Cuba. But then the White House receives another, more belligerent message from the Soviet leader, in which he threatens the U.S. with a full-scale attack. The question for Jack becomes: to which message will he respond? Jackie eventually returns to Washington with the children, though she hasn't completely forgiven Jack.

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