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Watch The Kennedys online: Episode 4 Broken Promises and Deadly Barriers

Bobby announces the formation of the Organized Crime Division, making a virulent enemy in Sam Giancana, who was assured by Frank Sinatra that a Kennedy administration would give the mob a free ride in return for its support. Jackie becomes increasingly busy as First Lady, forcing her to spend more time away from the kids; the time away from her family is taking its toll. Suffering from severe back pain and debilitating fatigue brought on by the chemical cocktail of legitimate medications he's taking for a variety of illnesses, Jack calls in New York physician Max Jacobson, whose elixir (essentially amphetamines) instantly energizes the president. Meanwhile, reports are emerging of Khruschev's intentions to build a wall between East and West Germany. John knows it would be disastrous for East Germans, but isn't prepared to step in and fight a war he may not be able to win. He decides to release footage of the killings of East Berliners trying to cross the barrier to the media, but his advisors want him to do more.

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