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Watch The Kennedys online: Episode 3 Failed Invasion, Failed Fidelity

Shortly after JFK's inauguration speech, in which he called upon the American public to "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country," Jack is told of an Eisenhower-approved plan to train guerrillas in Nicaragua for an assault on Fidel Castro's Cuba. Against his better judgement, he gives the order to send the guerrillas in, and his worst fears about the Bay of Pigs operation come true. When the smoke clears, 114 guerrillas are dead and 1189 taken prisoner. At Joe Sr.'s insistence, Bobby -who JFK deliberately kept out of the initial discussions - goes to see Jack and offers whatever help he can. He suggests that Jack publicly admit his mistake about his handling of the Bay of Pigs incident. It's risky, but in the end it pays off; the public admires Jack's honesty. And Jack realizes that Bobby must be involved in every major decision he makes - from this moment on. Meanwhile, in Hyannis Port, Jackie bonds with her mother-in-law Rose Kennedy over the one thing they have in common: philandering husbands.

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